Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TDSF: End in Sight?

My eye started going bloodshot last night. Cue me freaking out. I'm supposed to be off antibiotics. ALL I WANT IS TO WEAR MY MASCARA IN PEACE!

In happier news, I'm done with chapter 11--got my groove back and have pulled double word count the last two days. Chapter 12 marks the start of climaxing and "resolutions"* of the book, which really is like a "part 3" that will take several chapters to complete. Not sure how many. I just know chapter 13 has a ball and I get to make my protagonist pretty/feel stupid. Woo.

As for Piscis, there's been lots of research about ocean zones and lanternfish going down. Man, I don't think I've ever written a short story that requires so much Wikipedia. ;)

*Who am I kidding, it ends on a cliffhanger. Huzzah for trilogies.


  1. It ends on a cliffhanger?! RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE

  2. Just wondering, what is your daily word count quota usually? Double sounds impressive.

  3. Ha ha, not nearly as impressive as it sounds, believe me. While my friends pull 2k to 6k a day, my minimum word count is 500 words. Lately I've averaged out at about 1,400 a day, which is great for me, but somewhat pathetic compared to others. :D

  4. That's still impressive. I can usually pull of a decent word count, but never days in a row. xD