Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, I'm aware I End Every Footnote in This Post with Ellipsis

My cold viruses seem to be recycling themselves. I wonder what it feels like to be healthy... but if I've suddenly developed allergies, I'm gonna be ticked. I've been able to eat and roll in whatever I want since birth and I refuse to give that up!*

In the mean time, I've sent Piscis draft 2 out to some alpha readers and am awaiting feedback. I'm planning to enter Q4 of WotF (Thanks, Laura, for that info), so I gotta get crackin'.**

The other day I started to wonder what I'm going to work on after TDSF, and I realized I wasn't sure. I'd played with the idea of turning EH into a novel and going crazy with that, but I've already tried the whole human/centaur romantic fantasy stuff (AKA Prayer of Haradis, which I seriously got 80-90% through and then never finished it). I'm happy to try it again, and it would be a very different story, but yeah.

Then today a random magic system I had thought up once reminded me it was still floating in my head, and I'm thinking it would be neat to run with. Granted, I have zero plot to go with it, but perhaps I can distract myself from my finished TDSF draft with brainstorming.***

I admit "The Day the Sky Fell" as a title is muchly growing on me, despite being the name of another [non-fantasy!] book. Then I wondered, "If this trilogy really happened, what would the whole series be called?" I have no idea. But that's definitely not something I need to worry about anytime soon.

Mmkay, I'll stop talking now. (But HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!)

*I suddenly feel like a very cruel person for giving Kylah so many allergies...

**Though I think I actually have two months before the deadline... I should have TDSF done by then.

***I know you're supposed to let a work sit for a while before going back and editing it, but I want to get these suckers revised and shipped to agents pronto! I can't wait to finish a whole 'nother novel before cracking down on TDSF. Maybe I'll think up another short story? Oh, the woes of impatience...


  1. I seem to recall you telling me I was being saved for alpha reading? And yet, there is no manuscript in my inbox. #shafted

  2. I am saving you for beta reading, m'dear. :D But if my alpha readers are slow poopers then I'll make you an alpha reader instead...