Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At Least the Hotel Has a Toilet!

Did you know you can play games on the Kindle? Yeah, guess what I did during my entire anniversary trip. :D I love it. Also excited for my pink case to come in the mail.

The WorldCon program doesn't seem to have a lot of writing panels--there's more fandom than anything else, which is a bummer to me. BUT they have a lot of publisher presentations, which I want to go to. And the whole trip is for networking anyway, right? One week from today and I'll be on I-80 heading to Reno!

Currently on chapter 16 of TDSF, inching closer to the end. Jason from writing group put together a crazy Excel sheet to keep track of our daily word counts, so that's cool. It's all color coordinated and everything.

Still itching to work on Piscis and send it away, but I still need reader comments back (hint hint, you guys). I have until the end of September for this quarter, so I'll keep the spazzing to a minimum. For now.

Meanwhile I need to figure out as many no-microwave-no-fridge meals* as I can since I'll be staying at a hotel with no appliances for WorldCon. Suggestions welcome.

*You can make ramen noodles by putting hot water in a bowl and just letting the "pasta" sit there long enough, right?


  1. that sounds like the nastiest ramen ever, ever ever. just eat a sandwich.

  2. Ramen is already cooked when it comes (deep fried, to be exact), so really all you need to do is make them soggy and warm, so that could work (but be a little weird). But I'm with Andy. I've been thinking sandwiches and such myself, but I could come up with some interesting stuff if I think about it for a bit.

    For example, I store avocados outside the fridge. Add in a fresh tomato and some spices, maybe some canned corn, and you have something yummy to each on chips. We could share it before it goes bad. :-) Only tools necessary: brought-from-home spices, a knife for cutting, a fork for avocado squishing, and a can opener if we opt for corn. See? Just get a little creative.

    Another thought: bananas are delicious, and they don't live in the fridge.

  3. Yeah, my vote is on sandwiches and fruit. Hey Chuck, I've been not writing for way too long and I'm doing it again with a vengeance. Do you guys from Brandon's class still meet/talk, or do you have another writing group? I need someone to look over my chapters regularly.

  4. Get Dropbox and Skype and we'll gladly let you in! We meet Sunday nights, usually at 8:00.

  5. Adam - You fool, clearly you should know who really holds the power in summer writing group!
    Point: I sent you an email. :P

    Chuck - I'm pretty sure Kindle games are NOT what you are supposed to do on an anniversary trip. If you need suggestions, see the previous EC chapter. :P

  6. You can totally make ramen in a coffee maker. Really. Done it :)