Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Being Annoying Helped Me Make a Better Pitch

So I'm intent on getting a decent pitch for TDSF for WorldCon, though I doubt I'll get to spatter anything outside of the elevator pitch.

Kristy helped me a lot with this pitch, but it still wasn't perfect. I let it sit for two weeks and came back to it, with little to add.

Cue the following conversation:

Joe: There is a difference between your editing mind and your creative mind, so don't worry if you don't seem to be coming up with [a good pitch].

Me: Well, I wish they would go have an orgy together and give me something decent to work with.

Joe: That... is an interesting image.

Later my friend Leah got online and I immediately attacked. She must have had zero plans for life, because she opened my pitch in a word processor and had at it. Thank you Leah for your word-crafting! The pitch is sounding much better now. :D


  1. It takes more than two people to have an orgy.


  2. Or in this case, two pieces of my brain.

    We totally would have invited the cerebellum along.

  3. That's... an interesting image.

    Good luck at World Con, I hope you get to use your pitch. :) If you need someone to tackle an editor so you can save his life and get a book deal, just let me know!

    Wait, that's not a good plan, is it...

  4. I was totally expecting you to send it back to me for more feedback. What, did you feel you'd abused our friendship too much? ;-) I'm glad you were able to get some more help with it though. Molto bene.