Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Take a Shower Every Day.

I officially got the day shift for publications for WorldCon, woo~. I also finished my stalker list of editors and agents (there aren't much of the latter, actually) who will be attending the convention, so go me. (Though honestly the WorldCon Web site did most of the stalking for me.)

Meanwhile I'm terrified of being sick during WorldCon. My mind fathoms all the horrible things that could happen... like pink eye volume 3. No one will talk to me if I have pink eye. They'll think I'm one of those fangirls who Mary-Sue-RPGs herself as an elf and only bathes once every two weeks. I AM A HYGIENIC PERSON, DANGIT.

Happy thoughts, everyone. I did totally kick A on my word count yesterday, got about 3k done. I'm on chapter 15 and now get to BS a bunch of steampunk-esque science.

I also think I totally freaked out one of my coworkers whilst sniffing and coughing in the elevator. But I'm pretty sure I'm not contagious...*

*Let it be known that I do not support sick people coming to the office. I hate sick people in the office. But I'm really more whiny than sick. It's okay to be whiny as long as you're aware you're being whiny, right?


  1. By the way, do you know if they've posted or are going to post a full program schedule online for WorldCon? Or I guess I'll have to be patient and just wait till I get there. Pooey.

    As for being sick, we can be sick together! Though I have the added bonus of not being a Walking Contagion. :p Yes, please. No pink eye!

  2. I have no idea, I haven't checked yet... Are you getting there Tuesday or Wednesday?

    Walking contagion??? Heavens Laura! Get well!

  3. Wednesday, I think. But the place doesn't open till noon? So we'll be there around then.

    I won't be staying in Reno, though. I'll be staying with my friend's family who live outside of Reno and we'll be driving back and forth.

  4. Well, I've had bronchitis, a cold, and the flu, all in that order. I hope I've checked everything off the list before I go to Worldcon.