Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Post Has a Side of Eggs.

Leaving for Reno in roughly 36 hours. This blows my mind. And yet it doesn't feel that... here. I realized I need to actually go BUY food for the trip, which will have to be done Monday night after work/Dad checking out the car.* And I should probably do laundry, because I'm pretty sure I do not have enough underwear to last me 'til Sunday.

Side note: My computer screen is super dirty.

I wrote out a lot of scene notes [in church, whoops] today, but I haven't actually gotten my word count done yet. Go me. I blame not being able to nap long enough.

In other news, thanks to a case-lot sale at Macey's, I now own a two-month supply of ramen noodles. Have you ever eaten ramen with a boiled egg? So good. SO CHEAP. I will be bringing several servings of this meal with me to Reno. Here's hoping the room service is on top of taking out the garbage, eh?

*Aren't dads great?


  1. /seeing my little sister because she lives with her parents now.

  2. I should read the whole post before I comment.

    Please don't try to cook your ramen without a microwave, nasty.

  3. So you're coming over tonight? Maybe we can go food shopping together!

  4. I was hoping we could! And yeah, I'm coming over.