Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WorldCon Day 1

Quick update.

Got to Reno at about 5:10 PM last night, checked into our hotel, which is pretty decent but seriously lacking in towels. Kristy and I went to the Atlantis to look around and say hi to the publication staff, and also found out we could register right then. Great.

Today was a bit slow. I think nearly every panel I went to dragged and was not what I expected, but at least I jotted down some ideas for the next book I want to write, and I think I have a name for my female protagonist. Wrote a whole 430 words for TDSF. Working on transcribing interviews for the newsletter instead of doing word count, but that's fine. My resume will be shinier for it.

Had a super sore throat Monday and Tuesday, but it's cleared up for the most part today, hurray!

ANYWAY, highlight of the day was getting a chance to talk to Moshe Feder, editor at Tor (who also works with Sanderson)! I saw Nathan, Derek, and Jason in the dealers room, so I went up to chat, and boom, Moshe is sitting amidst them. Awesome. He's very very friendly (and very Jewish. He mentioned being Jewish several times in the ten or fifteen minutes I got to chat with him, ha!). I'm hoping to send my finalized version of TDSF to him. Gotta get crackin' on that!

Also got GRRM, L.E. Modesitt, and Eric James Stone to sign my kindle. Huzzah.

Back to transcribing. ;)


  1. charlie. if you hang the towel back up, they don't give you more. for next time. i love you. the end.

  2. We would hang the towels up, and they would take them anyway!