Thursday, August 18, 2011

WorldCon Day 2

Also titled, "Conventions: The Latest on the Dieting Frontier."

Today's panels went much better than yesterday's. The highlight was the Creating Gods panel headed by Brandon Sanderson. I got to talk to him a bit beforehand, which was nice.

Tried to sign up for Liz Gorinsky's coffe-klatch (I don't recall how to spell that, and I don't want to look it up), but I got in the alternate spot, so I ended up talking to another author instead (P.R. Frost, who writes faery-type fantasy. Not my thing, but hey).

Had one panel with an extremely rude man in the audience, who started going off about a topic not even related to the panel, and when the moderator tried to shut him down he cursed up a storm and left. I don't know how people like that can expect to be taken seriously when their behavior is so atrocious. I felt bad for the panelists--there was tension in that room for the entire 50 minutes, and the topic never did get back on track.

Overall, good day, though I didn't quite eat enough and felt rather famished by seven*, at which point Danny, Kristy, and I went to Wendy's. Still waiting for all that to digest through. Super tired, but there's a Tor party tonight I was fortunate enough to hear about, so I want to stop by and see what's up. Am I terrified? Yes. Fake it 'til you make it.

Also, Angry Robot. Go look them up.

*So if I attended a convention every day, I would be super skinny! XD


  1. Um, you already are super skinny. Glad you had a great time at WorldCon!

  2. Chris! You commented on my blog! I feel so much closer to you now...

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