Monday, September 12, 2011

Itching to Revise

Drove to Provo yesterday to attend my writing group in person--Derek was nice enough to host dinner at his place beforehand. My writing group spent an hour and a half going over The Day the Sky Fell with me, and I have seven pages of revision notes to help me better the story. I'm itching to start making the changes now, but I need to read through the book before I do anything. (It's killing me!)

I read chapter 1 and took a few notes. The prose needs major refining (which won't be done for a while), and the pacing is too fast. But it's fixable.

I think I'll give myself a December 1st deadline to finish revisions. Two and a half months. If I stay on top of things, I should be able to make it--maybe before. I want my first run of queries out by New Year's! (Wish me luck!)


  1. We should get together next week for a revising/writing party. I need to escape.

  2. The lover is out of town Monday and Tuesday, so that may work. I might come to your place Monday....


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