Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nothing Says "Charity" Like Running from Zombies

Want to know how YOU can benefit the Huntsman Cancer Institute? Run for your life from the snarling undead through the Salt Lake Fair Grounds. :)

My husband and I are attending the Night of the Running Dead, a 5k race where participants can sign up as either "human" or "zombie," and dress accordingly. The humans get to start two minutes before the zombies, therefore creating 3.1 miles of zombies-chasing-humans for the joy of all spectators.

Fake Person: Gee whiz Charlie, I didn't know you were a runner!
Charlie: I'm not! :D

Yep. I can only run about one mile before crapping out like the pathetic athletic* I am. I think I jogged two miles once, but that was when I was in clogging and actually had routine cardio in my life.** So I'm going to the gym and the local track trying to improve by October 15th. (Yesterday I could only run for about five minutes because I had just eaten pasta and chocolate chips for dinner. Yeah, I'm smart.)

BUT, I figure having a hoard of undead chasing me will encourage me to keep going. If all else fails, there's also a one mile creep n' crawl (for the wusses).

Any Utah readers should consider signing up! The money goes to a good cause, and you'd only have three weeks to train, which means I at least won't be the most pathetic runner there. C'mon . . . help a girl out. ;)

*Rhyme intended.
**BTW, running is SO BORING. I don't know how people do it for miles on end...


  1. Hey, it's ZOMBIELAND! :D

  2. I think I would be laughing too hard to run.

  3. How fabulous!!! This was so funny!!! You had me cracking up. I'm with Jordan - I'd be laughing too hard to run!

  4. This is hilarious, I'll have to tell my husband about it. Not this year, but maybe someday...

    Btw, will the two of you be human or zombie?

  5. Oh that's right, zombies chasing you will be a motivator. Nevermind...


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