Friday, September 2, 2011

The Story Which-May-Or-May-Not-Involve-Teeth*

Piscis is getting very near completion. I finished rewriting it (in first-person present tense . . . oh dear) yesterday and took it home to read it out loud. Gathering a few comments from beta readers. First person isn't my forte, but I can pull it off. How well I do so is left to be seen.

Still planning out my next story which-may-or-may-not-involve-teeth, and once again I'm reminded of how hard it can be to create a novel from scratch. A few pages into the notebook and I realize how many threads I have to tackle and weave into a story, and it's a little daunting. So I made a bubble diagram. It's somewhat comforting. (And I'm so glad I have a "Names I Like" sheet that saves me from toiling over names for hours as I'm wont to do.)

Tonight I am playing frisbee and buying my sister a birthday present. Hurray!

*Grammar will tell you not to capitalize the second word in a hyphenated phrase, but what about the third/fourth/fifth/sixth?


  1. A "Names I Like" sheet sounds like a brilliant idea. I may need to get me one of those because I often agonize over what to call my main characters. I'm just so darn picky when it comes to that sort of thing. xD

    Good luck with the plotting/planning! (P.S. love the little progress bars you've put into your side column, very cute and colorful!)

  2. Good job on the reference sheet. I still have an archive of names I hoarded for a story that was going to have four or five different cultures, and I cherish that archive even though the story it was for is dead (and even though I don't write much anymore). It helps me come up with names AND keep them culturally consistent.

  3. Thanks guys. :D And yeah, name sheets ftw. I used to be a cataloger at a library, so I saw and wrote down all sorts of crazy names...