Monday, October 17, 2011

The Amazing Race?

My dad is a HUGE fan of CBS's The Amazing Race. He watches it every Sunday.

I like the Amazing Race a lot,* though I admit I don't always stay on top of it (I try to limit my TV watching). Actually, everyone in my family enjoys the show but my mother. So when my dad said, "Hey Honey, I want to apply for The Amazing Race!" she promptly turned him down.

"We don't need you embarrassing us," she said.

So I get the call. The your-my-daughter-and-I'm-living-vicariously-through-you call.

"She'll never let me," my dad says in tears (this is exaggerated, of course). "You must go in my place!"

"But I've never even been on a plane."

"Go! Go forth my child! Go with Husband!"

Before I can talk to Husband, one of my younger sisters calls me up and tells me I absolutely MUST audition with her.

"You know I can't drive a stick, right?"

She retorts, "Like our video will even get picked anyway."

"Then why audition?"

"Do it. FOR DAD."

So despite the fact that I bicker with this sister more than any other member of my family (or any other person on earth, I think), and that I don't know how airports work, and regardless of the fact that I've never lived outside of Utah and the most exotic place I've ever been to is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Sister and I are going to put together an audition tape for The Amazing Race on our father's behalf.

Tremendous humor, right there.

*Go Cowboys!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that shoe! I would totally audition for it, but I don't have a team.

  2. Let it be known that i think this is the worst idea ever. . . But if you make it, it would totally be entertaining and I would totally watch. :-)

  3. They could pick you for sheer entertainment value. If I could trust my kids to survive six weeks without me, I'd totally do it for dad. Even though it would scare the $@&% out of me.

    Are you sure you can live six weeks without Jordan, though? Those nights are gonna get pretty lonely! (and Andy wouldn't quite cut it, I'm sure) XD

    p.s. i have seasons 1-18 on DVD, if you want to watch at your own pace. good times.

  4. I'll be sad if you're excepted but at least you'll be taking Andy with you.