Saturday, October 22, 2011

Five Things You Should Never Do in an Epic Fantasy

Shaun Farrell recently guest posted on Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing. He talked about five things you should never do in epic fantasy. At first they seem small, until you realize you do every single one. Number one on his list especially caught my attention:

"Do not put baled hay into a world that has no had its Industrial Revolution."

I know for a fact I mentioned a bale in chapter one earlier this week. Time to revise.

He explains each concept fairly well, so I recommend reading it. (Most apply to historical fiction, too.)


  1. what kind of hay did they have back then? I guess this is why I can only write contemporary.

  2. >>Gadzooks and forsooth, yon demon hath made me wet my smallclothes!

    This made me laugh so hard there were LITERAL TEARS rolling down my face!

    I usually don't have too much of a problem with this kind of thing, but always appreciate it when someone more knowledgeable points out to me that, say, you can't shoe a horse while sitting on the (left or right, I forget) side of it. I don't shoe all that many horses these days, after all...

  3. And as for Erin's question: I assume it was heaped in big piles for the village kids or young lovers to roll around in.

  4. Went and read the post. Great stuff. Thanks for the link :)