Friday, October 7, 2011

Meditation (And a Blog Award)

I read something interesting on Twitter this week--an article stating the reasons why writers should meditate.

Meditation. Interesting. Never considered it.

"Willpower, discipline, and good old-fashioned hard wrk may squeeze writing out of you but to produce words effortlessly, to connect with the joy and optimism and inspiration which makes it all worthwhile, to be as good as you can be, you need to know how to nurture abstraction and cultivate creative mind states."

Something I want to try. My brain is a mess of thoughts, but even if I could meditate and focus on one story (instead of clearing my head, cheating, I know), I think I would benefit. To be honest, I writing scenes was in college because during boring classes I would just think about them, ponder what the characters could do and how they would do it, so by the time I sat down to write, I knew everything that needed to happen. I don't have that time nowdays.

In other news, I got my first blogging award. Woooo.

Cue me staring at it and thinking, "Okay, now what?" XD

Thank you, Erin, for thinking of me. These remind me a little of chain letters, ha, but I will do the full stint if only for good karma.

This blog award requires seven random facts, so here goes.

1. I have a small reputation at work as being a grammar Nazi.
2. I really want a dog.
3. All of my sisters have boy names.
4. My car's name is Gumphrey. He's metrosexual.
5. I had a crush on my husband for six years before he asked me out.
6. The first, horrendous book I ever started was called "Kaiku and the Ruby Necklace" and was a total ripoff of my favorite anime at the time. (I was 13.)
7. I played the French horn for two years in high school.

Now I pass this to five people. Consider this your notification. ;)


  1. Hi, Charlie! My mom is always urging me to meditate. My mind is always going a mile a minute at night and sometimes I take awhile to fall asleep. But so far meditation has not worked for brain just doesn't want to turn off! What's up with that?!

    I like all the tidbits about you. So cute about you and your hubby! Glad you finally got together, LoL. How many sisters do you have? Nowadays it's trendy for girls to have "boy" names!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I read this as "medication" for writers, and got excited. Oh well. :P

  3. You would, Nathan. :P

    @Laura--thanks! I have three sisters, Danny, Andy, and Alex. We're awesome that way. :D

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Interesting facts about you. I'm not much of a purposeful meditator, but I do always seem to get my best ideas when I'm doing mundane tasks that lead to daydreaming. :) Maybe meditation is the answer.

  5. Lol, thanks for the award! Unfortunately I shall have to decline it since I'd feel bad for taking it without being able to follow the rules. XD Not a consistent enough base of blogger-readers to pass it along to. It would be uncharitable! The guilt, the guilt!

    Instead, I posted something else in this post's honor. Or something. XD