Monday, November 21, 2011

288,000 Jelly Beans

The beta copy of TDSF is DONE.

Took me three months to write, and three months to revise. :O Definitely the most time I've ever spent on a revision, but definitely worth the effort. So I hope.

So in celebration, here is a music video made out of 288,000 jelly beans. (The song is good, too.)


  1. Cute! And congrats on finishing the draft!

    The song's nice, but I'm super-impressed by the jelly beans. Seriously, that's commitment!

  2. I really wish I dreamed in jelly beans....

  3. Congrats!!! I wish I could work that fast.

    If you plan to have kids, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS KID-FREE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!! I feel like I squandered my own but then, I wasn't in a position to take myself seriously yet, so I suppose it was just as well...

    But seriously, congrats!