Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Halloween Recap (And Those Other Things)

With promised pictures. :D

Halloween was a good one this year--I had one party with the husband, Trunk-or-Treat (trick-or-treating in a parking lot from the trunk of your car), and a big work lunch and mini costume parade. :D We live in a small apartment complex off the main road, so we don't get any trick-or-treaters, so we went to husband's parents' house to watch The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (which I've seen twice in the last week. Love it, recommend it!)

First, we carved pumpkins.

Then went to the party and Trunk-or-Treat, where we used our kid-friendly costumes.

We're a tree, get it?

Then on Halloween, my artsy friend Sara Radice came over at 7:30 AM to do my zombie makeup.

OCZ is one of my work's competitors, so
 technically I'm an OCZ employee who got
 maimed by zombies on her way to work.

And while we're on the topic of zombies, here's some shots from the Undead Run we did October 15th. Try not to swoon over how good-looking my husband is.

This is my zombie pimp. Not my husband. ;)

And finally, my nerd glasses came in yesterday.

And there you go. This may be the largest file-sized blog I've ever posted here. Blogger, forgive me. :D

(Also, I earned two stars today. Wooo~)


  1. Pac-Man pumpkins! (How many pumpkins were there?)

    So how was the zombie run? Did you have fun? Were the zombies the motivator you hoped they would be?

    By the way, your husband looks like a kid. So do you. Now I feel old. STOP THAT!

  2. The Lost Skeleton has been one of my favorite movies since high school!!! I love that someone else has heard of it!!

  3. Isn't it great? I heard there's a sequel!

  4. How'd J's family like Cadavra? Nice makeup! Surprised you paid $30 for it, though.