Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where Oh Where Will Charlie Go...

It's really weird not knowing where I'll be in nine months.

And no, I'm not pregnant (despite how my mother wishes I were).

Next August Husband and I will be moving. Where? I'm not sure. We have it narrowed down to the West/West Coast, though. He'll be going to grad school, and I'll be tagging along. I'm the breadwinner, after all. ;)

The options are San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; and Moscow, ID.

I know. Moscow, Idaho? That's basically Canada. Cold. And apparently the only fun thing to do up there is drink, and being LDS/paranoid about health, that's kind of off the list for me. But it is green. And homey. I Google-Mapped it. Plus Idaho living is CHEAP, and the scholarship potential is through the roof.

Seattle = culture. A big city with lots of rain, supposedly very green, though Google Maps will fool you. I love cities. But I also like sun. How many days out of the year does it rain in Seattle? On the plus side, I've heard of many a writing convention held in or near Seattle, so that's exciting.

Then there's San Jose. This was originally my first choice. Hello, it's California! The weather there would definitely be the nicest (and warmest), AND my work has an office there. Guaranteed I-can-keep-my-job. But it's crowded. And it looks kind of dirty (again, Google Maps). And I have inside information telling me all the locations I was considering for housing are kind of trashy, not to mention living expenses are through the roof. I'd have to have that awkward conversation with my boss where I say, "Hey, uh, can I have the California equivalent of my salary?"

Unless something goes awry, I imagine Husband will be accepted into all three schools. I have no idea where we'll be going. Honestly (and hilariously), Moscow is sounding pretty good right now (I'd have to cross my fingers and hope I can keep my job, because there's a good chance I'd have to find a new one). I have nightmares of moving and having to work the till in a grocery store. Again. Maybe that's why BYU mailed me a wallet-sized version of my degree. So I could weep over it between shifts...

It drives me nuts not knowing, but patience in all things. Some weird Twilight Zone warp might happen and Husband might get a good-paying job at the place he's interning right now, and grad school won't happen. Which would be weird, because I've spent the last two years thinking I would have to move for two years and my brain can only stretch so many ways. (Did I mention I've never lived outside of Utah?)

Hmm. Guess we'll have to see. (Crossing fingers that God will just pick up the phone and tell us what to do. That would be nice.)


  1. Your map of the west shows Denver. You're not considering Denver???!!!

    Seriously... what is Husband going to school for?

    I'd have a hard time coming to terms with CA myself, mainly for the cost--though if that's the one place you're guaranteed a job... it IS a bad market right now...

    Good luck with your decision! Just keep talking it through and go with what feels right (after he gets acceptances, of course!)

  2. Oh man, Charlie! The suspense must be eating away at you. For what it's worth, i live in right in Seattle. And the only greener places on earth are the Amazon and Ireland. So there you go. =) Hang in there!!

  3. I still think you guys should come to Ohio. Though, Seattle might be nice. It wouldn't be as cold as Idaho and cheaper than California.

  4. Make it Seattle. (Mostly because I love it there and can't live there, hubs being military; we go where they send us...) But GORGEOUS and yes, culture, and public transportation, and people watching, and and and...!

    Gosh, it's hard not knowing. Good luck, and I know you'll make the absolute best of whichever place you and the hubs end up choosing.