Friday, December 16, 2011

Link Blitz

We've had an odd lack of snow around Utah this December; Christmas is 10 days away, and yet it doesn't feel  like it, and not feeling like Christmas is depressing. It also means that winter will stay until well into spring, clinging to May like a malnourished leech to a naked baby. And snow in May is far more depressing than a dry Christmas.

But Christmas shopping and Temple Square lights make Charlie a happy girl. Plus I get the new Mistborn novel tonight (and signed! Hopefully the line at B&N won't be too long), plus a pomegranate party with the girlfriends.

AND as soon as my father clears a security check, he has a new job. :D Huzzah for Christmas blessings!

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Other Babble:

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The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells (Currently FREE for Amazon Kindle)


  1. "It also means that winter will stay until well into spring, clinging to May like a malnourished leech to a naked baby."

    That is quite possibly the best description of lingering Utah winter I've ever heard. Now if only I'd had it to warm my soul the last time I was lifeguarding outdoors in the snow . . .

    I feel your pain about the lack of snow. Down here we're hardly even getting rain. I bought one of Salt City's evergreen candles to compensate for that lack of tree-and-snowness.

  2. Aw... My kitty only has 25 toes. Otherwise, I love this week's link storm.

    Luckily, the next week looks like it'll stay cold, and since it was snowing this morning as I drove people to the airport, maybe you'll get a white Christmas after all.

    P.S. Congratulations on your Dad's new job.

  3. You never know, you may not get ANY snow all winter! (Sorry, here's hoping you get a white something.)

    I agree about the leech comment. Nicely put. (I've never experienced a Utah winter, but it gives a perfect visual.)

    Cheer up! Christmas is coming!