Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Continuing Affair with Science Fiction

For some reason all my short stories are being dominated by science fiction.

Why? I don't know. Maybe I've read too many WotF anthologies.

I have an idea for my next short story idea, and it's completely sci-fi. Not brushing shoulders with it like Piscis. As in I actually have to figure out how a rocket works (and what a landing sequence would be. On another planet. What.)

I don't read science fiction outside of WotF and the occasional writing group submission, so it's funny that all my short fiction ideas are coming from there. Still muchos gung-ho fantasy for long fiction, but yeah, epic fantasy doesn't make great short stories. Not enough time to develop (and I can't come up with a decent urban fantasy plot line to save my life).

Any sci-fi short fiction you recommend reading to get my brain in the mode? This is something I'd like to do over Christmas before I start Scion. Gonna look into some more Eric James Stone and Brad Torgersen, of course. ;)


  1. I'd recommend Isaac Asmov's "Robot Series". It starts with "I, Robot". All the books are only 300 or so pages long. They're really cool and they can give you some decent ideas.

  2. If you're looking for science fiction Christmas stories, Connie Willis has an anthology: "Miracle and other Christmas stories." However, you won't find any rockets in that one.

    Sci fi stories rock!!