Monday, December 12, 2011

My First Time in a Corset

Husband and I went to the Charles Dickens Christmas Festival at the Utah State Fairpark this last Friday. It was fun--a lot like Renaissance Faire, but with the shops designed like 1800s England. (Though I did eat a gyro for dinner...)

Anyway, there was a shop there manned by two girls decked out in full steampunk gear--the hats, the frilled skirts, the corsets. They were very friendly and even let me take pictures of them (one looks astonishingly similar to a friend of mine). I had never worn a corset before, so they suited me up in one. (No pictures. I think Husband was too busy ogling to think about the camera.)

I chatted with these girls (sisters-in-law) whilst being laced, and it turns out they were at Renovation as well! They make all their clothing by hand, and there was a lot to choose from. The corsets have fiberglass rods in them, and the materials definitely didn't come from the local Walmart.

Though I didn't purchase any of their wares, the gals impressed me, so I thought I'd put in a plug for them. They're called Damsel in This Dress; they do a lot of traveling, and even have their own magazine (the one they gave me included an interview with Amy Brown, an artist who's especially popular at Hot Topic).

So if you're into steampunk or Victorian wear, check them out. They also do custom orders. ;)


  1. My friend and her sisters did some modeling for them once (if you go to the main Corsets page, my friend is the one in the green corset in the pirate picture--she did some of the accessories too). Their stuff was the best I saw at Renovation.

  2. I know this is something that was pretty standard in those days--and is still relatively popular in some niche sects--but the idea of putting on a corset is both intriguing and scary. You have to get laced up like a pig getting trussed. Your chest is heaved upwards to form a table top but you end up making an hour glass very jealous.

  3. Good for you--not sure I'd have had the guts to try one on, but I would have been tempted :).

    Enjoying your well written and interesting articles. Best of luck on your publsihing journey!

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  5. Where did they find fiberglass boning? I've only seen the metal and plastic stuff.

    I bet it looked awesome on you. Still, I can't believe you've never tried a corset on before. They're fun!