Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Review: Shadow's Lure by Jon Sprunk

Shadow's Lure is the second book in Jon Sprunk's Shadow Saga. (For my review on his first book, Shadow's Son, click here.) I have to really like a first book to read the rest of the series, since series=a lot of devoted time. And, I admit, I wasn't initially planning on reading book #2. 

But then the cover art gets to me and I shimmy off to the library for a copy.

Overall, I'm really glad I read Shadow's LureA lot of series have the problem of diminishing quality with each additional book (ie The Hunger Games), but this one gets better. I liked this book more than the first (It got an extra star on Goodreads). I enjoyed the characters more (Josey especially has grown since book 1), and Sprunk does a good job of raising the stakes for Caim. 

Cool things about this book included the blood-hungry sword, Caim's growing knowledge of his powers/identity, and the fact that he's not strictly tied to Josey, which I found fitting of his character. There's some good angst in there, too.

The not-so-cool things are rather small: every now and then the pacing gets a little off, or I don't quite believe a character's emotions. As a side note, one character's hair color changes depending on what chapter you're in. ;)

A good series, so far. I'm eager to read book #3, which should say enough regarding the story. I was rather upset when I found out it doesn't actually come out until March.

Until then, feast on its cover art below. Definitely the best art of all three books:


  1. psssht. the Hunger Games were quality from start to finish, baby.

  2. The cover art reminds of of the main guy from the game Assassin`s Creed, which woudl be enough to get me to read the book ;D