Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Future Projects (Subtitle: Me Being Long-winded)

So initially, after I had completed City of Teeth (back when that seemed forever away and now it's on my front porch), I had intended to revisit my second book, Circus Soul Heiress, and rewrite it to make it stronger. I planned to rename it "Dead Dog's Circus" and strengthen both plot line and characters, probably completely replace the villain. I still really like the idea of circus terrorists and the magic system in that story, but now, I've lost my previous oomph for it. Like finally taking notes on the rewrite just snuffed my candle, at least for now.

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I've played around with the idea of taking the magic system from Edradorn's Hammer (short story, for those who don't know) and putting it into its own novel. It would be a character-driven book instead of plot-driven, and I'd go all out in making it super epic. That book may still happen.

After LTUE on Saturday, though, I started thinking about book #3--Weirs. Weirs is a standalone, but with standalones like to play the what-would-the-sequel-be-like-game anyway. I also had thought up an idea for a prequel--taking one of the side characters (and let's face it, he was way more interesting than anyone else in that story, especially the protagonist) and telling his tale. And then I thought, "You know, Charlie, it wouldn't take much effort to take that prequel and make it its own, standalone book."

So that's on the plate now, too. I love this character (the man pictured here*), enough that I've actually recycled him twice. He started out as an RPG character (Yes, I RPGed), then became a side character in book #1 (The Oracle Seals), and again in Weirs. Maybe he's trying to tell me something. ("Hey, Charlie, I'm supposed to be the protagonist." Except he can't talk. That will be great fun.)

To make a lengthy blog post even longer, I mentioned on Twitter that my husband had come up with an elevator pitch for me for CoT. It ain't too shabby, but I'm definitely ready and willing to take any advice on how to make it better!

"Armaze is a city where five nobles war for the throne of a dead king. Lanterne is a Scion, a woman with the ability to spawn teeth anywhere on her body at will. Trained as a protector for one of the nobles, Lanterne will discover an enemy more powerful than rich men and their Scion--a priest who will bring an ageless city to its knees."

*Art by my friend Sarah.


  1. First, let me just say that City of Teeth (based off that elevator pitch) sounds incredible and is something I would definitely read. If I were an agent, I'd request pages. ;)

    Second, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has standalone books that like to play the Look-At-Me-I-Could-Become-a-Series game. I often get ahead of myself, thinking about sequels even before I've finished the first book. *naughty naughty, I know*

    And third, I think I know what character you're referring to here (the RP incarnation, anyway). If he can't or doesn't speak much, that could definitely be a challenge, but there might be ways around it if you really have a heart for him as a protagonist. Depending on the genre/magic system, telepathy might be an option.

  2. First, I think you're much more of a fantasy writer than me. But your story ideas and titles sound amazing. I've spent the last few years writing randomness. I need to hunkerdown and work my groove. I think I love CoT. Go pitch it and tell me what happens.

  3. Hi, I clicked your link from wipmadness.

    I like the first two sentences of the pitch--the teeth spawning is very intriguing--but the last sentence could use a little sharpening IMO. "Trained as a protector" could be shortened to "Bodyguard/protector of" and "will discover" seems a little vague. I'm also unclear on whether the priest/Scion is a Scion for the "enemy" or "the rich men".

    Hope that helps. I know I struggle with my own elevator pitches.