Friday, February 3, 2012

Link Blitz

So yesterday I almost got into my first car accident.

I was driving toward the freeway entrance when a big white truck decided it wanted to go into my lane RIGHT NOW. Big truck + little Hyundai Accent = not so great for the Hyundai Accent.

Being against the barrier, all I could do was slam on my brakes and honk. Fortunately, this was effective (despite my car's horn sounding like one of these guys), and the truck pulled back into his lane literally just in time. I was non-exaggerating-seriously two inches away from having my pretty little gas-savvy car totaled in the middle of traffic.

I turned up my "Learn Japanese!" CD in attempts to get over it. It helped, a little. ケエキは食べたくがありません。I learned/relearned how to say that today.*

Writer's Potpourri:

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Other Babble:

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*Translation being "I do not want to eat the cake." Yeah, I'm super pro at this.


  1. Those close calls are always scary. you end up thinking about "what might have happened" over and over. At least I do! Glad you and the Accent are okay!

  2. Glad you're not a greasy smear on the freeway on-ramp. And I so lust after that (and any) electric cello.

    Keep up the good work on writing and Japanese! Though you have a misplaced "ga" in there. ケーキがたべたくありません。

    P.S. It is a sad week for my studies. Looks like my beloved pocket translator that I got off a classmate for $45 has finally bitten the dust. The kids stole and played with it one too many times. Not sure if I wanna fork out a ton of money for a new one, though Amazon carries a pretty similar one to mine for about $75. :/

  3. I loved the periodic table link, and the one about unusual protagonist names. (Food for thought, for someone who tries to make her character names meaningful.) So glad you came out of that close call okay!

  4. As a chemist, the periodic table link caught my eye