Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Notes from LTUE 2012: Pitching, Writing, and Epic Fantasy

I thought I'd share the key lessons I took home from LTUE this year--hopefully something here will be useful to one of you! (If you missed my post on mapmaking, see it here.)

On Pitching:
  • The more excited you are about your book, the more excited others will be
  • What makes your book different? Your hero different? ("Different" is the key word, here.)

Writers on Writing:
  • Don't write around it, write it!
  • Read from ALL fields, even if you only write in one
  • Book recommendation: On Writing by Stephen King
  • Ask yourself this: How many books are you willing to write without ever being published? (This is a hard one for me to answer! I'd rather not know the number!)

Epic Fantasy:
  • Idea for creating a story: take a standard epic fantasy plot idea (like the quest to save the world), and then add something the protagonist is dealing with that's completely unrelated. Tie them together.
  • Avoid adding new subplots and characters in the last one-fourth of the book.


  1. "How many books are you willing to write without ever being published?"


    (hey, it took Brandon 13 so...)

  2. I've written at least three or four by now, maybe it's five. I didn't want to count but it looks like I'm willing to write quite a few before getting published. I have to get these stories out of my head.

  3. Looks like we took different classes. But LTUE was AMAZING. I loved it and can't wait to attend next year.

  4. Those are really great points. I try to follow them all but they are very motivational.

  5. I never really figured out my number of books I'd be willing to write. But when I heard Brandon say he wrote 13, I was actually quite relieved. Like I had that many to get it right. I guess I figured then that I wouldn't stress about it until I hit that number. :)