Monday, March 5, 2012

Floating, Reading, and Dancing Teddy Bears

Still in-between projects at the moment . . . I have two ideas for book #6, but one I'm not sure I'm up for writing, and the other has yet to develop into an actual story. We'll see what happens. (Maybe time for the next WotF entry?)

I started reading On Writing by Stephen King (because I need another book on my current roster . . . oi. Trying to swallow three [and soon four] right now), and it's not what I expected. It's more an autobiography than a book on writing, though so far I've discovered one chunk of advice amidst the rather entertaining anecdotes of King's boyhood. ;)

I've also been asked to guest-post on a friend's blog, so I need to get started on that! (I have a yearning to quote Orson Scott Card in it, but I don't have his How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy on my person.)

Meanwhile, enjoy this ridiculous but very entertaining commercial:


  1. That commercial...


    Wow just doesn't seem to cut it. Really, it doesn't.

  2. That commercial was awesome.Seriously.

    This is another book that is really good by Orson Scott Card "Elements of Fiction Writing - Characters & Viewpoint". I have it at my parents house in Utah.

    Let Jordan know that I miss him! :)

  3. This is what your children will be like in the future.

  4. This is what your children will be like in the future.

  5. On Writing gets to the actual advice halfway through. I skipped most of the autobiography part. Be warned: Stephen King is one of those "you're born with the talent to write or you're not, and if you weren't, sorry you'll never be a writer" type of writers. I thought the book was helpful on some level, but I honestly think Writing Excuses will give you better tips on the craft.

    I don't like people who think their craft is a gift from on high. I prefer the work your butt off and you'll achieve anything approach to life.

  6. The 2nd half of "On Writing" has some good writing tips. I didn't know that "oi" had a spelling, but I like it...and I know the feeling, too :)

  7. My roommate didn't believe that could be a real cereal...