Monday, March 19, 2012

Guest Post: World Building

World building. Worldbuilding. One word or two? (I like one, but auto-correct sure doesn't.)

My good friend Michelle Eging (Author of "Fishbowl," which you can read here) asked me to guest post on world building on her new blog. She's an insightful chica, so I recommend following her!

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  1. Going to go check out what your smart and savvy self has to say, and to take copious notes :-)

  2. Hey! I'm on my way to check it out.

  3. One word looks cooler. Just like theatre looks cooler than theater. Heading over to check it out.

    Still waiting on the announcement on where you're moving!

  4. Nice article over there! Quoting from an idol of mine too, I see.

    Oh, and I like "worldbuilding" as one word. Pooey on the spell check.