Friday, March 23, 2012

Link Blitz (Video Edition)

So, a question.

Do any of you live or know someone that lives in the Moscow, ID/Pullman, WA area? Because if we could get some networking going I will definitely send out some swanky care packages.

Why, do you ask?

Well, I'm moving to Idaho.

That's right! The decision has been more-or-less made. Husband is still quasi-considering San Jose, just because he doesn't want to put his foot down just yet, but we're 99.99% set on Idaho.

I hear it's a cute town with a very small population, 10 minutes from the Washington border, somewhat mild, and there may or may not be a chapter of skinheads nearby. (I'm white, and that still frightens me.)

Anyway, the move means I'll be leaving Fusion-io in August and will need to find new work somewhere in the field of writing and editing. So seriously, if you know anyone, email me.*

Onto the links!

Writer's Potpourri:

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Other Babble:

Katie Alves's DeviantArt Page (It's incredible what this woman can do with eyeshadow)

*CNHolmberg (at) gmail (dot) com :)


  1. Best wishes on the relocation. I hope I never have to do that again. Just moving to the other side of town is bad enough.

    And... You've been tagged for an award at my Strans of Pattern blog.

    1. I should do a better job of proofing. It should read "Strands of Pattern" of course, but the link is valid.

  2. Idaho? Are you sure? It's cold there.

  3. I hope this relocation goes as smoothly as possible. And maybe the local chapter of skinheads will be nicer than stereotyped...I hope. :-)

    Thanks for sharing the vids. I got all excited and teary-eyed while watching the SoulPancake one. I even applauded the one guy hugging the heart and spinning it, er, her, er, them around with such a big smile of joy. That was just so beautiful.

  4. I spent part of my summer working with the tame mule deer heard they have at WSU in Pullman and while I don't know anyone in the writing community, I can recommend some good places to eat (because that's what I do). For one of the best sandwiches you'll ever have, hit Moscow Bagel. If I could get them to deliver to Oregon, I would. Paradise brewing in Pullman not only has good food but some very good beer and a friendly staff. Plus it's located in an old bank so it's extra cool. If your looking for a cool non-coffee-shop place to write try Ricos (and they have great Rubens). Finally, WSU makes their own cheese and ice cream, both of which are great. Hit up Ferdinands on WSU's campus to give them a try. Good luck with the move and enjoy Idaho!

  5. Thanks for the links! The closest I know anyone is Spokane--my best friend's mom lives there. That's probably too far away (and I think she works in occupational therapy, so not really writing-related) but if you want her email, let me know. Good luck with the big move!

  6. My sister lives in Rexburg, but that's nowhere near Moscow. Are you guys excited? From what I've seen of Idaho it has a small-town atmosphere and really cold. How long are you going to be there?