Friday, March 9, 2012

Link Blitz

So. My life right now.

First, the verdict is [almost] in for where Husband and I will be moving in August. We're 99% sure, but I want to make sure we're committed before I say anything publicly.* That, and I have real-world people I need to discuss things with...

Second, my writing is in a weird limbo stage right now where I'm waiting for alpha-reader feedback, but I'm not committed to any one story. I have 2 1/2 right now, and due to a character coming to me in a dream earlier this week, I've written two chapters of what technically would be the prequel to WEIRS. Though it won't match up perfectly. I'm not committed to this book yet, but I've given it about 5,000 words, and if it keeps tickling my fancy I may just finish it. Meanwhile I have a loose, unfinished outline for a book that I can best describe as Keturah and Lord Death  meets Daughter of the Forest, but again, I'm not committed to it. The color story and I are in a bit of a fight right now. So there's that.

Onto the Blitz!

Writer's Potpourri:

Twelve Writer Woes and the Books to Cure Them (Love this!)

Put Your Characters in a Box and Squeeze. Voila! Inspiration.

Failure--The Key Ingredient to the Successful Writing Career

How to Write a Good Review

First Sentence/First Chapter Exercises

What I Learned at the SCBWI Conference (I recommend "On Dialogue" and "On the Slush Pile")

Tip Tuesdays by Literary Rambles (Subscribe to this blog!)

The Business of Writing: Pulling it All Together

Other Babble:

Homemade Nutella (So ready for my next grocery trip so I can buy hazelnuts for this...)

*I keep wanting to spell "publicly" p-u-b-i-c-a-l-l-y. Why?


  1. Hope things get aligned with those you have to discuss "all things move" related. Then you can pub(l)ic-a-lly share with us :-)

    And great links list.

  2. Best of luck with everything related to the move! So does this mean you aren't going to go to conferences around here after August? :'(

    And I love that you have so many books vying for your attention. That's so exciting!