Friday, March 30, 2012

Link Blitz

Monday morning I went to my new orthodontist to have a magic appliance put into my mouth.

It's basically a retainer that fits over my bottom molars, with imprints of my upper teeth on top of it. It makes it so I can't close my mouth without lining up those teeth, therefore forcing my jaw forward. (I actually can't close my mouth all the way period, so when I smile at people they look at me kind of funny.)

I have an over-cross-bite, which is the reason my jaw has hurt so much for the last, oh, three years. I can't get braces to fix it since I'm moving in four months, so this is the next best thing. I wear it for a week and then something (not sure what) will happen when I visit the orthodontist again.

The downside is not my jaw hurting. It's a) that I keep biting my tongue, and b) that the bar that connects the two side of the appliances is chafing like a crazy. SO MUCH FUN. (Is it possible to develop tongue callouses? Because I would love one of those.)

I'm also not allowed to take it out unless I'm cleaning it. Chewing has been an adventure.

Onto the blitz! :D

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  1. Thanks for the links! I hope you can manage through your overbite condition...sorry for the pain it's causing you.

  2. HOoray for retainers! I have braces and I look freaky, especially after I eat. We will now be even more of bosom buddies.

  3. Goodness, good luck with that. I hope your jaw pain goes away! And especially good luck with figuring out how to chew! ;)

  4. Oy! Hope things get a little better with the appliance since I don't think tongues get callouses, though it sounds like it would be helpful in your case :-(

    And the Hunger Games board game.

  5. There is NOTHING worse than something being wrong with your teeth. My sympathies to you...

    Thanks so much for linking to my guest post on Keeping Characters True to Themselves - we appreciate it!

  6. Good luck with the teeth. I probably ought to get my overbite corrected, but who knows if I ever will. I hope it doesn't bother you for too long.

  7. I hope your teeth feel better Charlie!
    Hilarious Hunger Games commercial!! Laughed out loud!

  8. And dentists wonder why we don't like to visit them. How long do you have to have this retainer in?

    Thanks for including a link to my blog in your blitz, I appreciate it! Hope your move goes well, too!