Monday, April 16, 2012

7-7-7- Challenge

Whilst I was pondering what to blog about today, I got word from Juliana Brandt (who is our next Someday Stars interviewee) that I was tagged in a 7-7-7 challenge. This is a fun one, methinks. (And you can see Juliana's here.)

The 7-7-7- Challenge

  • Flip to page 77 of your curent WIP.
  • Find line 7.
  • Post the 7 sentences that follow.
  • Tag 7 more writers.

Picture from

She crawled along the pathway itself, open air on all sides of her. She reached the next wall as two guards passed, each with a rifle resting on their right shoulders.
            Exhale, inhale. She turned the corner and searched for Eloise. Was that her on the distant wall, or a trick of the light? Lanterne waited for something to happen, for some sign of movement, but it was too far to see clearly. Hopefully the distance worked both ways.

7 tags:
Erin Summerhill
Tiffany Demings 
Angela Brown
Jeff Hargett
Nathan Major
Leigh Covington
Laura Christensen


  1. Intriguing excerpt! And I love your character's name, Lanterne. :)

  2. That's a very nice row of seven sentences. I kind of like this meme. It's a good one to showcase some writing.

  3. Nice ~ I like the last sentence, especially. It builds out the suspense. Love it!

  4. There's something to this 7-7-7. The lines chosen tend to be pretty intriguing or tense. Which, by the way, your excerpt falls under both descrptions.

    Thanks for the meme love. I may have to check out another of my WiPs to see what shows for it.

  5. Very nice. I want to read it even more now :)

  6. eeeek! I just saw this! Been a busy week. I shall comply. Must find more victims...