Friday, April 6, 2012

Link Blitz

I only made it through three layers of my six-layer Great Wall of Chocolate birthday cake from PF Changs. I am ashamed.

Now it's sitting in my fridge waiting to make me fat. So much cake...

Husband got me a year's subscription to Writer's Digest Magazine for my birthday! I am so excited! First issue comes in May. :D (He also made me a The Wheel of Time birthday card, which  he was very proud of, so I'll go ahead and mention it.)

To the blitz!

Writer's Potpourri:

"Creating an Effective Battle Scene" by epic fantasy author Janet Beasley

Content Marketing for Authors

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Character Development--GET REAL!

David Farland's Daily Kick in the Pants--How Does Your Character Feel?

The 10 Most Harmful Novels for Aspiring Writers

The Importance of Perspective

Author Blogging 101: Widgets, Sidebars and You

Other Babble:

Literary Style: 15 Writers' Bedrooms

Harry The Hungry Hippo Gives His Happy Handler a Loving Lick (Click on it. The pictures will make you squee unless you're a heartless bastage. [<--That's how we swear in Utah*])

Simpsons' Game of Thrones Intro (I had to get the lamer version because FOX copyright says it doesn't like people promoting its shows.)

* (You know you want to hit play)


  1. I love your linky-link lists you provide, they're so helpful (The Importance of Perspective)! Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Chocolate cake! PF Changs, Writers Digest... and MORE chocolate cake!!! You are a lucky girl! I'm so jealous! Happy Birthday!

    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog Thursday. :) I appreciate it.