Friday, April 20, 2012

Link Blitz

[[EDIT: For some reason Blogger hasn't posted my last two scheduled posts... troubleshooting now.]]

So yesterday I realized I have a LOT more revisions to do than previously thought. A lot. Big plot things that I have to cut and rewrite and reshape, right smack dab in the middle of the story. Time consuming, but I shall prevail!

Today and tomorrow is the Million Dollar Outlines workshop with David Farland, so I'll be more or less MIA. :D

Writer's Potpourri:

Pinterest and Blogging: 7 Keys to Success

How to Write Effective Supporting Characters

No Capes (Are you putting "capes" on your writing?)

The Secret to Success--Quitting

What did you always want to know about query letters but were afraid to ask? (Closed to questions, but there are gold nuggets in the comments)

Picky Picky--The Danger of Authors Being Too Clique-y on Twitter

Learn How To Motivate Your Characters

Other Babble:

Centaur Anatomy Revealed: Two Hearts, Six Limbs, One Brain

50 People You Wish You Knew in Real Life

And the adorableness of my four-year-old niece:


  1. As usual, Charlie, great links. Thanks! ;)

  2. Another set of great links.

    And yes, Charlie, you shall prevail. Of course I say this because you're AWESOME and I mentioned you in thanks in a post that should be hitting my blog tomorrow, Sunday...whatever :-)

    And aren't you just the nicest auntie in all the land?

  3. My favorite part of the centaur article was when the author kept mentioning that no real specimens had been discovered... YET.