Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Crown of Swords

Well, I said I was a slow reader, but apparently I can read rather fast. I'm pretty sure I've read the first seven The Wheel of Time books in about two months. (And those are NOT small books.) I am determined to read Sprunk's Shadow's Master before picking up TWoT #8 if only to maintain my sanity.

I gave A Crown of Swords 4.5 stars. Would have been five, but I really didn't like how Robert Jordan handled the Nynaeve/Lan relationship,* which, let's face it, is the best part of the book in my eyes (Yeah, I'm female, so this is to be expected). I posted a review here, but it contains spoilers, so be warned.

Meanwhile, I absolutely LOVE the ebook cover for the book. Way better than the original.

*Honestly, it make me want to write a book with Lan- and Nynaeve-based characters where I indirectly write the end of A Crown of Swords the way I wanted it to be...


  1. That is a cool cover... I've seen several underwater type covers lately.

  2. I'm surprised your love for the books hasn't cooled. Most people have a hard time with books 6-10. This cover is great. In fact, the only thing I really remember from this book is Lan's dive into the sea to fetch his woman. Great scene.

  3. That is a nice cover! I should go back and read those before I try to take on the ones Brandon is doing. It's been a long time...

  4. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying them! Rand's three-way indecisive sexual relationship was what got me. Then again, I guess it was easy for him to not "make up his mind" since all the women around this point started morphing into the same personality and outlook. It's like Jordan actually thinks women are manipulative bullies who all feel the same way about men in general and their men specifically. One or two characters sharing the outlook is fine, but if all of them do...then it feels more like Jordan's stance on women coming through, rather than the characters speaking for themselves.

    Yeah, I couldn't continue. Though I still have kept all my books--hoping that they will magically fix the issue as they await me in my trunk or something. I loved everything about the books--except how Jordan handles women and relationships. (Yeah, Rand + two women is an indecision-triangle. Rand + 3 women is...eghh. Not to mention, thinking you know better than a princess trained for life how to rule...ANYWAY.)

    Glad to see the books through someone else's eyes! Curious to hear what you think about the rest. *nodnods*

  5. I totally rewrite books (and movies.. and TV shows) in my head all the time. I approve!!


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