Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Used to be a Musician

So around the time I started writing, I also got into composing. My mother stuck me in piano lessons when I was five and told me I couldn't quit until I was 16. When I didn't want to practice, she would put me in the corner until I did. I was bound sooner or later to start goofing off on the keys.

I vaguely remember the first song I wrote, though I don't think I recall enough to re-master it (a big problems with my music-writing is that I seldom actually wrote anything down). I was about 13 and, since this was during my wild anime fanfiction days, I wrote it for a Rurouni Kenshin character I had made up in me head. Later I fell in love with this song, which inspired the only piece of music I ever got public recognition for. (I won the state Reflections contest, ha, but didn't go onto nationals. I entered that contest two more times and never placed again.)

I loved writing songs. My friend had compiled this huge novel with all of us as characters, and I wrote a theme song for every one of them. Some were good, some were probably not so good. I played the piano constantly, and 80 percent of my repertoire consisted of original pieces. I even considered majoring in musical composition when I went to college, but I knew being forced to learn music theory would make me hate it, and really, I wanted to be an author, despite having never finished a book (becoming an English major got me a scholarship too, so no complaints on my end).

I wrote music throughout college, and despite my lack of vocal talent, I branched out into lyrical pieces. I worked closely with a singer-friend of mine (a relationship that didn't end well) and performed a few places. After that I joined a rock band and performed at a few more (that also didn't end well, but those are other stories).

I still did music with my close friend Jessica, who was also the bassist for said rock band, but I've fallen away from it in the last couple of years (I rarely even practiced the piano after I got hitched, but I'm remedying that). It doesn't bother me much, I'm just focused on other things now (like WRITING! And that sexy man I live with).

BUT, Jessica will be coming home from Japan (she teaches English there) about the same time I move to Moscow, and her hometown is only about two hours away. We have plans to get together and record some covers just for the sake of fun. I've got the piano pieces done for Love Me Dead and I'm in Here, and I'm working on a slow acoustic version of Mister by Kara (Jessica will be singing the Japanese lyrics, not the Korean ones).

If we decide to post these online, I'll be sure to let you know so you can see our mediocre skillz. :)


  1. I have a lot of respect for anyone that can compose music. It just uses a part of the brain which is missing in my head.

  2. Musicians and composers baffle and amaze me! I have no musical ability of any kind but I appreciate it in others.

  3. If your new stuff is as awesome as the "Grammar Love Song", then I know it will rock my socks off! I can't wait to hear some of it! :)

  4. You liked Kenshin too?! I loved Kenshin but then again I'm biased; you know red hair and all. I agree you do need to focus on that sexy man you have. He's a keeper!

  5. Charlie, that's so cool. I tried to write a song once, but I'll never show it to anyone...or try to sing it. *gasp*


    Also, cant wait to jam with you. <3

  7. I can't believe you didn't mention that you started writing a musical.....

  8. The other day I was remembering that song you wrote about Dan... the one about the Joker or something? I miss listening to you play the piano :(