Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Men's Synchronized Diving: London 2012

Does this not AMAZE anyone else?

Not just the fact that they can dive like that, but that they can do it at the SAME TIME?

Not to mention they look awesome in speedos....

The U.S.A. got the bronze medal in men's synchronized diving. China got gold, but I was really impressed with Mexico. They did super challenging dives and went home with the silver. (Unfortunately I couldn't find footage of them!)

Are you guys watching the Olympics? What are your favorite sports?


  1. I agree. Hot. Incredibly hot. I just wish they'd do it naked.

  2. Women's volleyball gets ton's of crap for how skimpy their outfits are but nobody seems to mind that you can see the divers...kibbles and bits. Double standard.

    I'm proud of our boys though. Mexico too, they did a hell of a job.

  3. That is cool. Unfortunately, I rarely watch TV these days. I do good to catch the news.

    IWSG #179 (At least until Alex culls the list again. :P)

  4. AMAZING! I love watching that stuff. I wish I had time to catch more of the Olympics. I love the swimming, running and gymnastics the most!

  5. Crazy!!! They're beasts! I wish I had some footage, but I was truly impressed with Mexico too, such a great job! I was sort of taken back by how the Chinese didn't really seem to celebrate their achievements. Hmm...anyway, the Olympics are always a treat to watch!

  6. I love watching all the swimming. The US did such an awesome job! Gymnastics is fun too.