Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writers' Conferences in the Pacific Northwest

Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, my list of writers' conference has to completely change. I'm not incredibly familiar with what goes on up here, but I've been able to glean a handful from the Internet/Twitter:

Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, July 25-28, 2013. Seattle, WA.

Willamette Writers Conference, August 2-4, 2013. Portland, OR.

Write on the Sound Writers' Conference, ?? 2013, Edmonds, WA.

The Port Townsend Writers' Conference, July 7-14 and July 14-21, 2013. Port Townsend, WA.

AWP Conference, February 26-March 1, 2014. Washington State University.

Sun Valley Writers' Conference, ??? 2013, Sun Valley, ID.

Have any of you been to these conferences? What did you think? Any good ones in the area that I'm missing?


  1. Great list Charlie.

    I really wanted to attend the last Willamette Writers Conference but it's so freaking expensive! I would have to publish 2 books in order to earn enough money to afford attending a workshop about how to publish books! Ridiculous.

  2. I'm in the Canadian part of the PNW. If you fancy venturing over the border, the Surrey International Writers Conference is fantastic. (Surrey is part of the Vancouver area of BC) I've been three times & going again this fall. Incredible workshops & keynotes -- really inspiring & helpful -- plus free pitch sessions and appts with editors/authors.

  3. The best writer's conference in the Pac NW, in my humble opinion, is the SCBWI WWA spring conference. Hands down. . .

  4. I'm also over the Canadian border. You've got some great conferences on your list, but you really should add the Surrey International Writers' Conference. I can't recommend it highly enough. I've been attending since 2004. Registration isn't cheap, but with 60 well known presenters (best-selling authors, plus agents, editors, publishers and screenwriters) and over 70 workshops to choose from covering every genre and topic, what you get is a bargain!

  5. You might mention the Muse Conference in and free. I've done it a couple years and it is amazing.