Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Christmas Writing Haul

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How was Christmas for you guys? Great for me. :) Absolutely love being back home with family! I think my gifts went over well, especially the Batman skirt I made for my youngest sister:

As for writing, I got three things that will greatly benefit me over the next year.

First, I got Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. I wanted this SO BADLY!

Courtesy of Husband. Win, Babe.
(He also got me stainless steel straws :D)

Second, I got the 2013 Writer's Market. This will be especially helpful for bothering small presses.

Courtesy of my parents.

And lastly, I FINALLY got a new office chair. No more sitting on three pillow just so comfortably reach my keyboard!

Not actual brand, I don't think. Courtesy of my in-laws.
Image source

Things that will definitely not be conducive to writing: Netflix subscription. XD

How did your haul turn out this year?


  1. I got five yummy books I'd been wanting to read (just fiction, not technical books). I want to go into a reading coma, but I've got an editing deadline, so it'll have to wait :)

  2. WHOA~~~! That is an awesome haul. Merry Christmas and looking forward to hanging with you in the New Year!

  3. That's quite the haul! Happy New Year!

  4. Your desk chair looks so nice! That's a great gift!

  5. Awesome! I got an iPad mini. Not so much for the writing side of me, but for the photographer side. I also got the "Official Writing Uniform" pajamas :-) and Lego Lord of the Rings for DS. Yes, I am a total geek/nerd!

    Happy holidays everyone and here is to a new year filled with book contracts and inspiration!

  6. Screenwriting? Planning to branch out this year, or adapt a novel to a screenplay?

    Nice haul. I didn't get any writing-related gifts except books and money to buy more books, but our whole family got spoiled rotten. Have a Happy New Year!