Monday, January 21, 2013

Another 77-7-7 Challenge :)

I've been tagged (yet again) for the 7-77-7 MS challenge, and since I have nothing better to talk about I'm going to prostrate my crap here on the blog for you all to read (or to pretend to read). This is courtesy of Juliana Brandt (and I'd love to see Laura Christensen and Erin Summerill do this as well. Consider yourself tagged.)

Challenge: Go to your MS, go to the 77th page, count down 7 lines, and paste the next 7.

Since I'm working on THE TASTE OF ANGELS atm, we'll go with that one. 

He wads up the hair into a tight ball. “Swallow this.”
“Do it!” he shouts. “It may be enough to keep them back. Go to Schreiber.”
“Are you crazy?!”
He grabs the sides of my face, reminding me for a moment that he’s bigger than me, and squeezes my cheeks until my teeth part. He shoves the dirty hair into the back of my throat. I cough and gag, but it goes down, slow and sticky.


Back to editing.


  1. Eww, eww, ewww. Eating hair? Blech.

  2. Gross and neat and INTRIGUING!!!!

  3. --there is no time. It doesn’t exist there. And since Nature abhors a vacuum, time tends to get…sucked…in through the barrier. Or timelessness spewed out. Anyway, it’s hard to tell which it’s going to be.”
    Maybe he can see my eyes starting to glaze over. He hurries on.
    “When time gets sucked in or spewed out through the barrier, it speeds up, like water swirling down a drain. I think you got caught in a flume of time sucking in.”
    “Meaning it’s been more like twenty-four hours since you entered the shrine, instead of two.”

    1. :) And I swear I'll finish reading that as soon as Wheel of Time relinquishes my life...

    2. Lol, I gave you permission to go on hiatus. I actually haven't started MoL yet. I'm in the middle of another book and I'm afraid if I set it down I won't pick it up again. Plus busy life and all that.

      But never fear, MoL will find its way to the top of the toilet, where, eventually, it will get read. XD

  4. *chaaact-chough-chough*
    Great writing, however icky. LOL

    (See? Build a 'follow be email' and they will come. hehehe)

  5. Well, mine is all scheduled to go up now. XD If yours is icky, mine is angsty.

  6. Ew! *cough, cough* I think I have a hairball...