Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hunger Games Birthday Party

(I swear some of the party things did look slightly better than they do in these pictures...)

Posters technically go the other way, but I didn't tell Husband that ;)
The party started with training "stations" and food (the latter of which I forgot to take a picture of, but it included wings, chips/dip, veggie tray, mac and cheese, and cranberry "nightlock" punch. Would have had more Hunger Games-themed food, but my sister is a picky eater and there's no way we're getting her to down raspberry soup or the like).

We had archery practice shooting balloons with both a bow and a slingshot:

We had a camouflage station:

And a station that explained how things in the arena worked, including the sponsor parachutes, "mystery boxes" that would either contain imminent death or awesome prizes, and what supplies one would need for fires:

The sashes denote what district each player was in.
In the Hunger Games arena (which was forest/jungle themed, because that's easy), our tributes worked on teams of two or three to gather supplies. We had the lights dimmed and jungle music playing as they took their places on their stands (AKA pieces of office paper).

Candy bar = food
Cellophane "river"

We also had scattered matches, "wood," anti-venom, antidote, and various plastic/foam weapons.

Many of our "vines" got torn down in the excitement. I got
Spanish moss to cover the floor, but not enough!
This is the obstacle course (courtesy of my dad) that the tributes had to conquer:

Tributes had to go through this without knocking down a pipe,
or earn a 10-second penalty.
They then had to go across our balance beam,
pausing to pick up two basketballs.

Finally, using a rope and forbidden to use their legs, tributes
had to pull themselves up this ramp to the finish line.

We also had a spinning food wheel that I forgot to take a picture of. It had pictures of various plants that contestants had to guess if they were poisonous or not.

They also had to hunt down my friend Lindsey, who was hiding in the hallway:

Then, of course, was the tracker jacker nest (AKA pinata, filled with Bit-o-honey because I'm so clever. Get it? A bees nest, Bit-o-honey? Genius, I know.) Besides candy inside the nest (which was a strawberry that I spray-painted gray and stuck pom-pom bees onto), there were also tribute names. The person who broke the nest had to pick a name, and that person's team got stung. If they didn't have anti-venom, they died. Funny enough, the girl who broke the nest also picked her name out of 30 possibilities!

Alex, the birthday girl.

The last five tributes standing had to put their district sashes in their back pockets, then play a sudden death round where they had to try to steal others' sashes. Once your sash was taken, you were dead. The girl who ultimately won the Hunger Games hid in the corner for most of this round. ;)

Then we opened presents and had brownies, because my sister is weird and doesn't like cake.

My youngest sister, now 18 (well, the party was technically
one day before her birthday).

The gal with blue face paint and the frog hat won the Hunger Games.

Mom made camo-ish cupcakes as favors to take home. (Because
what is a birthday party without cake??)

Then there was cleanup, but I won't bother to post those pictures. ;)

All-in-all, the party turned out fairly well!


  1. Holy toledo i.wish I could have been there! Although I may had eaten any good food claiming I thought this was the 'hunger games'

  2. Wow, that was amazing and must have been so much work to put together.

  3. Now that is a fantastic party! Wow! I am in awe.

  4. ohmygosh, Charlie! This turned out so awesome! Will you come do my birthday this year?? ;)

  5. That is pretty remarkable. And complex. Haven't you made comments on my blog about hoping you'll be able to do fun projects and stuff when you have kids, like I've done? Yeah, I foresee no problems for you.

  6. Looks like it turned out great! Wish I could of been there!

  7. Very impressive party. You went all out for it. Nicely done.

  8. Somebody found a good use for the cultural hall....

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