Monday, February 25, 2013


Saturday night I finished the first draft of THE PAPER MAGICIAN. I would like the emphasize first draft. I need to revise it before I even shove it onto alpha readers.

Why? Pacing.

I always thought pacing was a strong point of mine. Brandon Sanderson paid me that compliment back when I wrote CIRCUS SOUL HEIRESS and I hung it on my trophy shelf to ogle every now and then. But me and pacing have not been friends lately.

Case and point:

THE TASTE OF ANGELS is paced too quickly, which is one reason why it ended up too short. And one reason why it's STILL looping through the revision cycle.

EMPIRE OF CRANES AND SPIDERS is paced too slowly. I got it back from the wonderful Juliana L. Brandt a few days ago, and this was the #1 flaw she pointed out. Fortunately, cutting stuff out it a lot easier than adding stuff in.

Unfortunately, THE PAPER MAGICIAN is paced even more quickly than TTOA. It's like I'm playing one of those racing car games at the arcade and keep over-correcting, making my car slam into the left barrier, then into the right, then into the left . . . instead of just going straight. XD

Anyway, I've updated my book statuses bar to reflect my planned edits for THE PAPER MAGICIAN and EMPIRE OF CRANE AND SPIDERS. I'm holding off on another round of TTOA edits right now. (Yes, I have three books that all need revisions. Hopefully this omgletsdraftalltheideas bug will jump down the garbage disposal and actually let me attempt to submit something.)

That, and I upgraded to a 32GB flash drive. I named him Chou Boy. :D


  1. I see you've seen me drive racing games. :)

    I think I tend to be on the slow side of pacing. Especially at the beginning of a novel.

    Good luck with the revisions!

  2. Congrats on finishing our first draft. Good luck with the revisons.

  3. Aim for the center stripe. Best of luck!

  4. Congrats on the finished first draft! Pacing is always a tough thing to nail. It takes me tons of drafts to tweak the pacing just right. Good luck!

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  6. How does one become an Alpha reader? (:
    I'm excited to buy one from Barnes & Noble someday!!!

  7. You have all the qualities of a good writer. Wow, I'm both happy and surprised. Honestly speaking, I was not expecting this much quality but wow, you did it. Expecting high from The paper Magician !!!!