Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Whole Schedule Caboodle

The blog schedule is changing.

My WHOLE schedule is changing.

Now that I have a full time+ job to dedicate the majority of my day to--one that doesn't allow me to take breaks online--I won't be able to continue with my three-posts-a-week trend. I have to drop it down to one or two, and I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to assign them specific days. One post will probably be done over the weekend. (And I say this after getting four new followers over the weekend, ha! Thanks y'all. :D)

For now I also have to move all my writing time to weekends, which is an 80% time-cut for me, maybe more. I'm a little heartbroken about it, to be honest, but I'm glad to finally have a good job that pays! Even if it doesn't allot me the same free time I had with my last position (and certainly not as much as I had being unemployed, ha!).

Fortunately, I have two books lined up for editing and one I plan to draft on those upcoming weekends. THE PAPER MAGICIAN is a lighter book and young adult, so it won't take as much time and effort as EMPIRE OF CRANES AND SPIDERS did. Once I finish it, I'll have three books in the editing queue, and that means three books to eventually query, which will keep my name fresh in the agents' ledgers. I suppose, writing-wise, this job came at a pretty good time for me.

It's a little weird to go from the "I WROTE FIVE BILLION WORDS THIS WEEK!" person to the "When I have time..." person, I admit. But just like I said on Jeff Hargett's blog, you make time for the things you want to do. While I hate being on the computer all hours of the day, if I want to keep my productivity up, I'll have to suck it up. I'll have to start dedicating specific chunks of time to writing on the weekends. I might have to start waking up really early. In other words, I'll have to make it work.

Not trying to post a sap story or whine (most of you are probably thinking, Yeah, welcome to the real world, sucker). Just trying to arrange the whole schedule caboodle. (And I just got an R&R, which is putting a wave into my pre-planned writing path...)

How do you manage your writing time when real life demands so much of your attention? I can honestly say that I've never had so much of my time consumed, because I've always lucked out and had jobs with a lot of downtime that allowed me to write. I can't even use my USB drive at my new one (high security).

BUT work has gone well so far. There's a lot to learn, but I think I'll enjoy it, and the people I'm with are really nice. It's just different. Then again, I think 2013 is going to hold a lot of "different" for me.

Just a feeling. :)


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  2. I've never had a full-time job, so I really don't know how I'd cope. To start with part-time was all I could get in an overflowing job market, then I had kids and part-time suited me. I think once you get into the swing of things, you'll make it work and find in those brief times you have you'll be more productive!

  3. I'm glad the job is something you're enjoying but you're very right about having to make the time for it. You also need to remember not to beat yourself up if something happens and you don't get words on a certain day. Life is important, family is important. Make time for writing as you can and realize that some days are going to be better than others, and that's ok.

  4. Isn't scheduling grand?! I've been trying to build up to three blogs a week myself, but only managing two. Hang in there!

  5. Don't tell my boss, but I can access my personal email from work. On slow nights, I often work on a scene and email it to myself. Once I'm home, I copy and paste it into the doc. ;)

    *shrugs* Maybe you can get one of those portable little tablets with a note-taking/keyboard feature.

  6. Ha! Welcome to the early morning club. I write from 5 to 7 am. It's so much fun!

  7. Welcome to the real world, sucker! Nah, you'll do fine. It will be a change, and you'll be experimenting for a while, but you'll find something that works. Even if you can't plug your own USB into your work computer, can you bring a tablet or netbook to work with you, to use on breaks? That's what I did (actually, I lugged my far bulkier laptop) for a few years before I quit when my first kiddo was born. Or failing that, try some stuff long-hand. (Although then you have to transcribe it--but if you're wanting to make break time productive...) Good luck!

  8. You'll be fine! I work about 45-50 hours a week and can still crank out 1,000 words a day when I'm drafting, and more on weekends. You can get an average size novel drafted in 3 months that way. Just stay organized with a daily word count goal (or weekend goal), and it'll work out. Good luck!

  9. If you're allowed to access the Internet, I used to write in Google documents while waiting for file uploads/downloads at our job in the Lib upstairs. *amused* I know people who take some paper and freehand their writing in spare time at work and type it up on weekends, too. That could be an option.

    Good luck trying to figure out schedules! If you prefer writing every day to keep the flow going rather than interrupted blocks on weekends, you could try something similar to what I do? This year I'm writing an uninterrupted 1/2 hr per day, and I've managed about 500 words daily that way. So what if you did a half hour on weekdays and then took a larger chunk of time on weekends? That's just if you prefer keeping the flow going rather than needing days to let the backbrain recharge.

    Good luck! You've got a lot of people rooting for you :D

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