Monday, April 22, 2013

Stacking the Queue

Due to my semi-recent schedule change, I've found myself with a great deal of time to ponder and less time to actually write. What does that result in? 

Stacking the queue. 

My current project queue is already pretty long because of all the revisions I've saved for myself (three to four books' worth, depending on how some things turn out, but TPM is more or less sparkly and done). But, thanks to a bounteous amount of brainstorming, I now know the next three books I'm going to write, and then some. 

The following has all occured within the time span of 10 weeks: 

I have brainstormed the entire plot for THE GLASS MAGICIAN and outlined it. This baby is ready to go. 

I've determined to rewrite my very first finished novel, THE ORACLE SEALS, and currently have 53 pages' worth of notes for the book, which will be a dualogy. (And an epic!) 

On top of this, I've come up with a magic system and a setting for an epic fantasy that I think would be bomb to write. I wrote down three pages of notes for that yesterday, but am now trying to not think about it  too hard because, as I've illustrated, my queue is stacked. 

I also still have ideas for another magic system that I haven't quite pieced together the way I like, and a few chunks for its associated book. 

So basically I either need to stop thinking or become a full-time author RIGHT NOW so I can make all of this happen. XD 

Have you ever drowned in the whirlpool of projects? 

Or, better yet, how do you brainstorm new ideas? 


  1. I'm determined to rewrite my first Nano novel. The queue can seem overwhelming but we must remembered that all queues can be conquered and there is an end.

  2. Awesome that you're so organized. I tend to work on one project at a time. Can't wait to see what the epic fantasy is.

  3. I never get to drown in a surplus of ideas. If I'm lucky I have time to focus on one thing. If I'm not (like lately) I don't get to think or or work on anything for weeks at a time.

  4. Yay for an abundance of ideas! I just keep a folder in Word for all my novels, and subfolders for even sparks of ideas I have, and an "idea page" document that I just jot stuff down in. I have about 20 book ideas stored up, though most are not fleshed out at all.

  5. I am currently drowning in projects that I am simply too slow to write. -.- The Storybox on my blog isn't even half of them. Sadly.

    I have several Gdocs full of random ideas and when they start germinating enough they get their own Gdoc and then from there they get their own project in Scrivener or yWriter. I also have story-related notebooks offline full of written down scraps of germinating ideas. Oh yes, and sticky-notes are your friend.