Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Things I Learned This Week

Courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company

Economics is the cure to insomnia.

Having insurance is great.

Having double insurance is even better.

You can marinate steak in vanilla Coke Zero and it won't start tasting like cake until three days later.

Having an agent is like having your own personal
publishing Mafia.

Accepting that another's personality is much different than your own helps you
to forgive them.

Avatar is a pretty entrancing cartoon.


Things I did this week that I've never before done:

Write a synopsis before the book.

How is your week going?


  1. My week's good and I'm guessing you're talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender. That's an awesome animated series. Glad your agent is taking care of you and the synopsis is very helpful.

  2. I love Avatar. Some of the things you learned this week could be a little worrying. Hope everything is alright. My week is same old, same old.

  3. Why would you marinate it in vanilla coke in the first place?

    1. Because it is delicious. Also because coke is highly acidic and tenderizes meat well.

  4. I learnt that when I let Hubby lose with the credit card, he likes to buy lots of electrical leads.

  5. Write a synopsis before the book? I'm *SO* doing that next time!


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