Monday, August 26, 2013

The Seam-Ripping of THE GLASS MAGICIAN

I've been doing a lot of adding, and then a lot of cutting, trying to get the sequel to THE PAPER MAGICIAN ready to fork over to Marlene.

First I added a bunch of scenes, but they were so filler and contrived and horrid that I destroyed them.

Then I went through and added a second POV, but it wasn't doing the book nor the character justice, so I've cut all of them but one, which I'm still working on (and will hopefully finish on Monday).

Hopefully I will stop dissecting and organ-transplanting the book by then, and I can move on to my alpha comments and solving the story's other problems. :D With luck, I can get this manuscript to beta readers fairly soon. /whinefest /itisn'tactuallythatbad

(It will probably be a good idea to work on something else before diving into the last book of this series.)

So what are your problems today?


  1. I have company so haven't been writing. Though I have been struggling with the blank page. Sounds like you've gotten lots of work done.

  2. My problem today is- it's Monday and I'm dragging. I just want to go back to bed, but there's the kidlet and then work, so not gonna happen! Good luck w/your ripping!

  3. Going back to bed sounds good. Think I might have to listen to that call. Good luck with the revisions.

  4. Someone has been a busy busy young lady! Good luck with the revisions!

  5. A professor recalled a book I have checked out. It's due in 48 hours and I haven't started reading it yet. I need it for my thesis. S/he needs it for some silly class that a bunch of people are in. Why are my needs not more important than theirs? I NEED MY BOOK ON TRANSMEDIAL STORYTELLING.

    Best of luck on your seam ripping. I wish I could say I'll be available for beta reading. But the semester starts next week.

  6. Sounds familiar! Seems like you've been pretty busy with it, too. Some times revisions seem to take longer than writing it in the first place. Best of luck!

  7. Dissecting and organ transplanting. Sounds like my book.

    School started for kiddos, as well as extracurriculars, so now I'm running around playing chauffeur all the time. Then it's dinner, dishes, and homework help in the evening. And all the fun, teething infant care inbetween.I have a new appreciation for Mom.

    Alas, these don't lend well to writing time, but the last roadblock is out of the way and I can get back to querying! :)

  8. You'll have that manuscript manicured and ready for agent eyes before you know it (I believe in you!!)

    As for myself, just have two manuscripts to dissect and reorganize as similar issues going on :-)

  9. Oh man! I hate it when the story refuses to tell you what it needs. Hang in there, girl! It will come together.

    My story problem is that I have way too much story bursting through while I need to be working on business pursuits. Can anyone tell me how to extend the day by about 5 hours?

  10. I have to clean out my bedroom and spray for ants. Best of luck with editing and sorry about all the strife. But in the end it will work out.

  11. On a killer deadline!

    All the best!


  12. I think we've all been there revision wise. You think something's going to work and it just... doesn't. We keep at it, anyway :)