Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Update: Writing, Baby, and the Holidays

On the writing front:

I've started work on THE MATERIALS MAGICIAN, the third book in my unnamed series (the first two books of which have been sold to 47North). I have a feeling this book will be a "slow and steady" novel, not a word-fiesta like its predecessors. Fortunately, I have time to take my time... but my goal is to finish the first draft before the baby comes!

I've also started planning another romantic fantasy without a name. I have a skeletal plot on a Save the Cat storyboard, albeit with characters that still need a great deal of fleshing out. I think once I get a connection to these characters, I'll be more excited for the project as a whole.

On the baby front:

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Today I am 27 weeks along. Which I think is third trimester, but alas, Baby Center claims I'm still in second.

But my little girl is kickin' up a storm! Which is a relief to me, because I know everything's going okay in there. (Super excited for my glucose test and butt-shot come December. I can barely contain myself.)

On the general life front:

Super excited for Christmas! I'm planning out my Christmas gifts and getting crafty. SO excited to visit my family in December too--since I work from home and Jordan gets a nice long break from school, we can visit for about three weeks. Counting down the days!

For Thanksgiving we're planning on making the driving to Montana, where Husband's grandmother and aunt live. It's a long drive, and if the roads are bad we'll have to cancel (and go to the Tri-Cities instead, which is what we did last year. A friend of mine and her awesome family live there). We won't know one way or another until the week of.

What are your holiday plans this year? What projects are you working on, writing or no? 


  1. So awesome about your baby news. And that you're getting writing done. We're planning a quiet Christmas at home. For Thanksgiving, we're going to Toronto to celebrate my husband's 60th birthday. It's a huge one for him given his health.

  2. Holidays will be at the in-laws as always- who are five mins away, which is sooo nice! I know, I'm lucky! =) I've halted work on my wip to go back and re-do a scene in the ms that my CP currently has. It's making it way better, so yeah! And I'm glad baby girl's moving away. The minute my son would have a 'quieter' day, I'd be drinking tons of ice water to get him to move, lol!

  3. Still in outlining stages for two books and trying to get an agent to look at a finished MS. It feels so good to be starting something new, though. I was getting pretty worn out with the last project.

    We'll miss you for Pie Day, Sis, and Thanksgiving. The girls are really excited for you and Jordan to come visit and do gingerbread houses with them (and Barbie movie marathon, lol!)

    I personally would be okay if Christmas was still another month away. Got too many sewing and cooking projects to get done!

  4. Woot! Congrats on your book sales, and I hope you're getting enough sleep with that little kicker! I'm on a second draft for one book, and plotting out the next. It's a crazy schedule we keep, eh? Here's wishing you all the best with book 3!

  5. Wow. 27 weeks. Has it been that long?

    Hope you get to go on your trip. :)

  6. I'm super excited for Christmas this year. The kids are three and four and are just the perfect age to really enjoy it!

  7. LOL, yeah, I BET you can't wait for the glucose test/butt shot. Seriously, though, congratulations!

  8. I'm soooooo impressed you can write while pregnant! For some reason, my writing brain ceased to exist while I was preggo with my last baby. Such a busy time--keep us posted!

  9. Best of luck on finishing your first draft before the little one arrives. ^_^ Now that's a deadline!

    Holiday plans for me will involve heading out to see family, as usual. I'm also hoping to have at least three of my plots-in-progress done and ready to write by the year's end, so I can start the new year with a new novel. Here's hoping it works. @_@

  10. I am going to try and do a lot of handmade gifts this year too. We are going to Indiana for Thanksgiving and Christmas to visit my parents then New Year's we are going to Kansas to see Shinsuke's sister and her family.

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