Monday, February 3, 2014

One More Week!

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One more week to go! Or so it seems. I'm willing to bet this kid is going to be as late as possible. Such a pill. I'd like to claim she gets it from her father, but . . .

Should we take bets? ;) What will greet the world first, my daughter or the My Bloody Valentine anthology? Both are due on the same day!

((Also, a shout-out to my friend Nathan Major, who is getting surgery done today. Hope everything goes well!))


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you. (And a little jealous too.) I'm hoping this baby comes soon and is gentle on you. =)

  2. I'm willing to bet your book isn't going to show up early, so I'm going to place my bet on the baby. So excited for you!

  3. Wow! Is it time already?

    I'll lay money on the book. First babies are often late.
    Hang in there. ;)

  4. I'm with Melissa, here. Your first is almost always late. I was almost a month late. >.>

  5. Oh cool. Ours is still a month off, although he keeps trying to come on out now.

  6. So excited for you! Can't wait for baby pictures.

  7. I'm betting on the book. Can't wait to see that bundle of joy of yours. Also bet you can't wait to deliver.


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