Thursday, February 6, 2014

Release Party and Some 411 on "Salt and Water"

As you know, I'm honored to be part of the My Bloody Valentine anthology, which releases Monday! The other seven wonderful authors contributing to this book and myself are even hosting a Facebook release party, so please stop by, learn more about the short stories, and win some goodies.


My story is titled "Salt and Water." In it Chellis, a slave, is tortured for one purpose: to make her cry, for the healing properties of her tears can mend any wound. A broken heart leads her to revolt, which lands her in the charge of a more competent slave handler.

But Ahad-dian is different; he’s reasonable, even kind. Ahad-dian’s generosity may be the key to Chellis’s escape, but even the soft-hearted slaver has secrets to hide—secrets that not only threaten Chellis’s freedom, but the survival of her entire species.


We have some great teasers zooming around Facebook for the stories; I thought I'd post mine here (for all you valiant readers who put up with my blog-talk):

          The blood stains formed shapes before Chellis’s eyes. Abalones, stars, eyes, mouths. In them she saw Fallid’s smile as he told a joke Chellis didn’t understand.
Dead. They had killed him, and her Dian had blinded her from the scene as soon as the tears began, face as smooth as the marble floors in the hallway.
“Nika, are you listening?”
Chellis straightened, ripping her gaze from the blood.
“Do you need to go back to the vat?”
Chellis met her Dian’s dark eyes and did something only Hagori did.
She lunged for them.


  1. Ooooo... this is exciting, Charlie! So, so, SO FUN. And I like the little excerpt! :)

  2. Good luck! The story sounds really cool!

  3. Visited Amazon and Goodreads to post my review :-)



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