Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sold! FOLLOWED BY FROST to 47North

I am ecstatic to announce the release of my fourth novel, Followed by Frost, to 47North! This book is a standalone young adult fantasy unassociated with
The Paper Magician series. I am so happy to see this book come into print—to date it’s my favorite of anything I’ve ever drafted.
So, what is it about?  Here’s a short pitch:

After 17-year-old Smitha is cursed to be as cold as her heart, Death himself offers her a chance for relief. Unwilling to give up her life, Smitha seeks redemption deep in the savage deserts, where her perpetual winter dares to make her a hero.

The wait isn’t a long one—the title is currently slotted to come out by summer’s end. Updates to follow!


  1. This is wonderful news, Chuck! So thrilled for you! :D

  2. That's great Charlie! Way to go! Life is Good :)

  3. Wow, congrats! I've really enjoyed your paper magician series and can't wait to read more of your work!

  4. Well, that is darn cool news! pun intended about the heart thing ;)

  5. I remember that one from one of the pitch contests we both did a while back! Congrats!!

  6. Just finished Paper Magician and visited your site to find out what else I can read. Loved it and will be suggesting it to my students. Looking forward to reading your other titles!


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