Monday, April 19, 2010

CSH to Alpha Readers

I finished my revisions for CSH today—WAY ahead of my deadline. I set a fairly lax schedule, then suddenly dedicated myself to the story. I spent the majority of last-last Sunday on the computer, reading and fixing.

SO, I’ll be emailing the story to my alpha-readers tonight, after I do my poor man’s copyright (per request of my father). I’m expecting to get a LOT of reader complaints about things I need to fix.

Meanwhile, I’ll start my word count for The Raimos, either this week or next. Finals/graduation/job interviews may persuade me to postpone daily word count for a few days. It’ll be weird to go back to draft writing again. It’s been so long . . .

Also, I decided to give Singe, my bounty hunter, a tongue piercing. Doing so has made me oddly happy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Official Deadline for CSH Revisions

Do you ever have moments where you re-read a scene, having completely forgotten you wrote it? It's almost like I'm revising someone else's novel.

Official deadline: May 31st. I'll have the book out to Alpha readers in less than two months.

I usually beat my deadlines. I bet I can beat this one, too. :D