Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Art! Art! Art!

So my friends’ sister is an aspiring artist, and she’s getting really good.

So, you can imagine my giddiness when I saw this on her Deviantart page.

Too lazy to click on the link? Here, I’ll force it on you:


That, my friends, is Flad, one of the two protagonists from Circus Soul Heiress.* She “got bored” and just drew it for me. Oh my happy. I hope she gets bored more often.

Meanwhile me and TR got into a fight today, I did minimum word count, and the whole scene sucks egg.

Excerpt of the day:
“Maybe instead of telling me to hide my gifts, you should learn to utilize yours,” he said, firm and direct. “You’re strong, Ranny, but you couldn’t even fight Singe off—one person—because you don’t know how to focus.” He paused, looking over his shoulder, looking for the bounty hunter. Turning back and rubbing his eyes, he said, “I’ve thought about this, and you should, too. Unlike me, you were given your ability to use it. It wasn’t an accident. Maybe if you used your gift more instead of pretending it doesn’t exist, you could. . .I don’t know. Do more.”
The Raimos, chapter 23

*Which, in all honesty, is my favorite of my personal works. So far.

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  1. I always say you know you've made it big-time when people start drawing fanart of your works!


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